Ezine needs Windsurfing Articles

Ezine needs Windsurfing Articles

Post by Cybern » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 17:01:04

Hello Netfolk -

We're looking for writers to submit windsurfing articles using the
capabilities of the hypermedia on the World Wide Web for a newly started
ezine called ***BOARDER! The magazine is committed to providing a public
forum for alternative voices in ***space and board culture. Ideas and
suggestion for writing nonlinear narratives and transcending the spatial
and temp***characteristics of text is also encouraged. All formats from
product reviews, interviews, monthly serials to long novellas will be

We encourage voluntary submissions of all type of art work, but cover art
is prefered...Please check out the site if you have access to the World
Wide Web:

To contact the ***boarder Project:

Postal Mail:  PO Box 9663 Stanford, CA 94309-9633 USA


Ezine needs Windsurfing Articles

Post by Lafing G » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 10:51:19

Have you considered e-mailing the various windsurfing pub's? They'd
probably run a line for you.
Good Luck!
ps I'm not webbed yet, so I can't see