Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

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I've had several requests about Emerald Island so here is an unpaid

Emerald Isle is located  directly south of Morehead City,
about 135 miles from Raleigh. Time wise, it's about 2 1/2 - 3 hour
drive. The Island is about 30 miles long and runs east and west
vs. the north and south of Hatteras.

The average  depth of Bogue sound is about waist deep. There are
no boat waves to contend with so the waves, though small, are
very regular.

Places to sail and stay:
In the middle of the Island is Salter Path Camp Ground. Quite a few
sailors stay there. Each camp site has water, electricity
and cable TV hookups. Tents, popups and RV's are welcome.
Most camp sites, sound side, are either on the water or very close.
There is plenty of room for rigging.

About 1/4 mile west of the camp ground is Island Riggs, run by Ray and
Lorna Riggs. This is a very popular launch site and hangout.
Ray and Lorna have a complete windsurf shop with rentals and lessons.
From here you can sail either sound side or Ocean side.

Both the places are located at the widest part of the sound. It's about
2 1/2 miles to the far - north side. We usually sail to the north side
then sail within a 1/4 or 1/2 mile area where we pick up a little
stronger wind. If your at the camp ground, sail to the east of Dog Island
until you are past it - this is to keep off the shoals - then sail
between Dog Island and the Intercoastal waterway.
If your sailing from Island Riggs, look west and across the sound for
a red and white checkered water tower and sail toward it. Keep the duck
blinds to your east. Again, this is to keep you off the shoals that run
between Dog Island and the duck blinds. If in doubt, ask.

About 45 minutes away are Harkers Island and Radio Island. Both are
very good sailing spots.

If your staying at one of the many sound side rentals, make sure you
find out how deep it is. Several rentals cater to windsurfers and
have board and sail racks.

The main rental agency is Emerald Isle Realty. Call them for information
on rentals.

Times of the year to sail - Fall, Winter and Spring are best. Most
years, this year was an exception, July can be excellent. The thermals
kick in about 3:00 and last till dark.

Since the Island runs east/west and the prevailing wind is southwest
which is sideshore off, what you feel on shore is not what
is 1 1/2 miles out. There can be 1 meter difference between
what you 'think' is correct and what is really correct.
You might be on shore thinking 6.0 and it's really 5.0 at the
duck blinds.
Also, ocean side breezes are stronger on shore than in the water.
Many people have thought 5.0 on shore and found it was 6.0 out.

The wind doesn't always blow, but there are other activities.
There is plenty of fishing. Last year my son tied a kayak to a jibe
pole about 40 yards off shore directly in front of Island Riggs in
waist deep water. While we sailed, he and his friend caught 30 keepers.
Atlantic Beach has fishing charter boats and party boats that go
to the gulf stream.
Roller blading, biking, golf, jogging and ocean kayaking
are also big. There is no lack of things to do.

Activities coming up:

Island Riggs:
October 2 & 3rd - Island Riggs is having a swap sale. I don't know the
details, but Julie said 'leave your equipment with us and we will sell
it while you sail'.
October 23rd and 24th - The annual Hope It Blows Regatta. This year it
will be for Tudor and USWA points. Ray and Lorna always put on a good
show with food and refreshments. It's their way of thanking us for
a good season.

Sept 25th - Rear End Of Summer (REOS) at Lake Jordan. This is one design,
open and short. Registration 9:00, skippers 10:00. Cost is $10.00
which includes lunch.

University of Speed  - Frisco Woods FREE FREE   OCT. 24th.
  Brad Duffy will give his world famous speed clinic.

North Sails Speed Week - Frisco Woods    OCT 24th to OCT 29th
  How fast are you? $20.00 per day or $60.00 for the week.

Dennis Wind


Emerald Isle

Post by John Caulfie » Fri, 24 Sep 1993 22:14:22

        Last weekend brought some clouds and rain and Friday and Saturday to the Eastern Shore.  On
Sunday however we woke up to 18-22 Kts onshore.  My arms were sore but it was great sailing the entire
day on 5.7 sails.
        Does anyone have any information on the Cort Larned Clinic or the University of Speed coming
up in the next few weeks?