Dry Suit - Where, How Muc

Dry Suit - Where, How Muc

Post by Juri Munk » Thu, 28 Apr 1994 16:51:00

Organization: Helsinki University of Technology

I'm thinking of getting a new suit this summer. Both my wet suit and
dry suit are starting to "rot", so it might be wise to get a dry suit

I'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area from May 6 to at least May 20, so
it might be convenient to buy a suit and rent a board and rig for a
couple of days. I've heard a lot of good things about the new titanium
suits, but I fear they may be a bit expensive.

I'll be staying in Sunnyvale, so driving to Santa Cruz or San Francisco
shouldn't be a problem. I know medium sized O'Neill suits are a perfect
fit and Body Glove suits work pretty well too.

Where can I find the best deals? How much should I expect to spend?
What do I get for that price?

Additionally, if someone is willing to go sailing with me, I think it
would be really great. I'm an intermediate to advanced slalom sailor
with very little (but at least some) wave experience. The best time
for me would be the second weekend I'm there (14th & 15th). I will
have a rental car, so I wouldn't even need a ride.

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