Hatteras Last Weekend

Hatteras Last Weekend

Post by TWMARRI » Thu, 26 Jan 1995 08:55:05

  You didn't miss anything on Sunday. 'Dr bob' sailed, bless his heart.
the rest of us simply hung around the parking lot and waited for the temp
to get above 40 and/or the winds to get over twenty. Actually it was cold
enough to send us inside Johns van. I hung around till three in the
and then headed back north.
 Saturday was a pleasant winter sailing day and I guess that none of us
were hungry enough to tolerate Sundays conditions. Come august and we
will sacrifice anything for near twenty knot winds!!



Hatteras Last Weekend

Post by Stephen Saint-Vince » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 22:47:21

Last weekend I had an opportunity to sail Canadian Hole Last Weekend.
On Friday night when I arrived the wind was blowing over 20 Kts all
night. In the morning the wind backed down to about 16 kts. Around noon
when I got on the water the wind was alittle soft for my 4.8 yet I could
pump to plane. By 1pm the wind had filled in to a solid 20 kts and was
nicely powered with the 4.8, and a 8'6" SeaTrend. All in all had a wonder
full 4 hours sailing. The water temp was mid 40s and the air at low

Had fun sailing with Tom Marion, Dr. Bob (?), and the older gentleman
with the van and the anometer.

Frank Halliwell, you dog, you missed a great time.