Third Ave. Water Quality (San Francisco Bay Area)

Third Ave. Water Quality (San Francisco Bay Area)

Post by Shreddin » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 08:08:07

Day) writes:
>Iturns out that the local sewage treatment plant is doing some type
>of pipe repair work and the signs were posted from SE Coyote
>Point down to Third Ave as a precaution against high bacteria
>levels. The inspector said that preliminary test results received
>today showed "minimal" levels of both total and faecal bacteria at
>the launch spot. The work is supposed to last only "a few more
>days" at which time the inspector will remove the signs.

Yeeeecccch!  Thanks for the info.  Is the water treatment plant near those blue
water tanks?  I know the outlet (or is it an inlet?) lets out just south of
where the old launch site is.  

On issues like these, does anyone know whether there are environmental groups
out there monitoring these types of situations?  I know that the Surfriders
Foundation has been pretty active about access and water quality issues for
surfers, but I've never heard of one for windsurfers.  Perhaps the SFBA or
other local boardhead group should get together with the Surfriders so that we
can protect local sailing sites from these type of mishaps, or at least, inform
the boardhead population.