Carbon Masts?

Carbon Masts?

Post by Russ Raus » Mon, 17 Feb 1992 05:21:26

Until recently, I have paid little attention to the mast that I
use ALL the time.  The mast came with my first windsurfer which
is a Bic Hot Jazz.  The rig that came with the board was the
standard Bic rig package with a 5.7 wave/slalom sail.  I have used
the one piece epoxy mast that came with this package for four years
(75-100 sessions) now and continue to use it now that I have
progressed to a Bic Astro Rock.  My sails are mostly NP single cam
sails ranging from 4.5 to 7.0.  I can waterstart and successfully
jibe about 40% of the time in moderate (2-3 foot) chop. I'm tired
of re-rigging my sails when the wind increases or decreases so
I've decided to purchase another mast so I can have a fully rigged
sail waiting on shore.

My questions to this newsgroup are related to carbon masts:  

Will I notice any significant performance changes due to using
a carbon mast? ie. improved control in gusty conditions,
improved response characteristics to gust, improved SPEED.

Since my interests are mainly recreational and not
competition, is it worth the added cost to purchase a carbon
mast? (The NP carbon masts start around $200-$250; is this

My SO is petite and sometimes gets tired uphauling the rig
with larger sails in light winds and manuvering the rig for
waterstarting in stronger winds.  Will lighter weight carbon
masts really make any difference for her?


Bic Hot Jazz, Bic Astro Rock                   Hampton, ***ia


Carbon Masts?

Post by Ken Poult » Mon, 17 Feb 1992 16:49:15

> Will I notice any significant performance changes due to using
> a carbon mast?

I was in a similar position; I bought a new carbon mast and felt no
difference - until I went back and tried my old epoxy mast one
day.  Man, did it feel heavy!  Now I'm buying carbon masts.  However,
I'm avoiding using any fancy new high-performance sails, since I can't
afford to "need" a new quiver.  :-)

Ken "spoiled" Poulton