Carbon masts

Carbon masts

Post by David San » Sat, 14 Mar 1992 20:33:52


Last week I posted some questions about carbon masts; I suspect my posting
didn't make it, so I'll try and remember what I said.

I have been thinking about buying a new slalom sail in the 5.5 -6.0 range.
(I currently have a powerful 5.8 "hyline sotovento" 6-batten rotational
with an unfashionably tight leech.) It seems that any half decent
slalom sail demands a carbon mast (I was thinking of getting a second-hand
Pryde WC or cam slalom, perhaps). There are very few brands of carbon
mast available in the UK so the prices are very high. However, the
latest Gun brochure advertises some carbon masts which are pretty cheap.

- Who makes these masts for "the Gun?"
- Are they any good?
- What other brands can I get in the UK?
- What are the Pryde cam slalom sails like?
- Could I get away with one carbon wave mast for all my sails...

My current mast is a heavy Rotho superwave, which has lasted me about
4/5 years and is still going strong.