SF Bay Weekend, & Board?

SF Bay Weekend, & Board?

Post by Walt Men » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 22:08:59

Last weekend report from SF Bay Area, San Luis Res. (Forebay).  
Arrived Friday the 16th at about 10:00am (took the day off :-))  
Was blowing 4.6.  Stayed the same all day!!  On the water from
10:30 to 7:00 !!!! Well I did rest some.  My wife got to use
her new 3.5.  Nice to buy new stuff and be able to use it.  She
was the last one off the water.  I think she's hooked :-).

Stayed over, and sailed in the morning till 10:00. 5.0-5.7, then
it died.  All the rest of the day it was 0.  And it was packed.
Could have walked on the cars parked on the beach.  

Woke up Sunday to no wind and no people.  Most left Saturday.
By the time we were packed to leave it started to blow again.
And from 10 or so we sailed till 6:00.  5.7 all day!!  Flat water!
What a place to practice jibes.  Carve jibes, duck jibes, 360's,
helicopters, sb tacks, race jibes, there's nothing like flat
water to learn technique.  

What a weekend, by Sunday night I could hardly stand up! :-)

Oh, by the way I'm looking for a very light, fast, slalom race board.
Any recommendations out there. 15lbs or less, moderately durable,
non jumper. ??

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