Loose threads

Loose threads

Post by SluxW » Wed, 01 Jun 1994 13:01:38

I'll just take a quick second to combine two of my favorite threads ;-) here
on rec.windsurfing and answer the question about cutting a carbon mast.

1) Place tape around the area to be cut.
2) Cut through the tape to the mast and continue until severed.
3) To prevent defraying of the carbon fiber, light with a household match
        and twist together until no fibers are showing and only a gooey mess
        remains. (Good luck!)

I can see that Kevlar line is an emotional subject for many people here!!
(I only wish I could be part of the experience, I've never seen the stuff!!)

Always be true to the wind,

(Gear info in prgress, I'm buying like a chipmunk storing for winter, will be
completed in mid-June)