'95 NP 5.5 V8 Racing 4 Sales: $250

'95 NP 5.5 V8 Racing 4 Sales: $250

Post by Paul Lan » Wed, 12 Jul 1995 04:00:00

For sale in SF Bay area/Peninsula:
1995 Neil Pryde 5.5 V8 Racing slalom sail.  Complete 1995 sail with proper
Fiberspar extension included for $250.  This price is not negotiable --
especially as sail retails for $500+.  Sail is in super condition -- one
small panel recently expertly replaced by Neil Pryde factory repair.  Has
one small ding (not a rip) in the monofilm and two small tears (3" or
less) on the luff sleeve.  This is a great slalom sail perfect for Crissy
and the Stick.  If you like to rip, this is the sail for you!



Paul Lanyi
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