Antigua/Ascension Island reports

Antigua/Ascension Island reports

Post by Keith Thom » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Spent a week at each Antigua (West Indies) and Ascension Island (South
Atlantic Ocean), 6/23 - 7/7.

Antigua:  Lord Nelson's is a great spot for flat water sailing, Mistral
rentals, lessons, etc.  Everyone claimed it blew 20+ knots for the past
three weeks, and it did the evening I showed up,  but I only had one day
when it could push a 6.4, and later on I had to grab their only 7.5.  Good
thing I was there on business!

Ascension Island:  No tourists; no watersports outside of fishing vessels
sanctioned, however I met a couple of surfers, one of which had
windsurfed there until he broke his board.  It's mostly big, sharp rocks
and dangerous currents.  We won't get into the underwater wildlife
there.  There were nonstop whitecaps the entire week I was there.  

As an aside, on my way back I stopped at Cocoa Beach, Florida and had some
long body surfing runs for only two foot waves.

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