Wisconsin/Midwest sailing

Wisconsin/Midwest sailing

Post by David C. Troup - Skunk Wor » Thu, 19 Apr 1990 02:14:01

        For those of you in the Midwest, and especially Wisconsin, you have
        realized so far that we are off to a GREAT start for the sailing
        season. The Near-Shore Marine forcasts have rarely dropped BELOW
        15-25kts! And the number of South wind days rivals the cold

        I cant complain with sailing my 4.5 almost everyday...and my 3.5 still
        hasn't dried off yet(and hopefully, never will :-).

        For those of you who sail the Midwest, we're looking forward (and
        rolling forward...heh ) to sailing with you this year up in ol' Door
        County (the penninsula os Wisconsin). For those of you who have never
        sailed up there....

                -Sail EVERY wind direction
                -Conditions from sideshore (starboard jump) to fla***er
                 speed/slalom sailing.
                -Large open lake sailing (READ:BIG waves)
                -exellent beginner sailing areas (protected bays)

        Just look for the Door County Wave *** Team.... :-)

        BTW- Hows the runoff at the Gorge this year? I heard they were
        expecting some large swells this spring...

        (and a note to Rolf....you should get the sails ANY DAY now...)

        Shaka 'Bro!

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