Humpback whales (was Re:Chick's Beach Va. Beach)

Humpback whales (was Re:Chick's Beach Va. Beach)

Post by Brian C. Bur » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 12:17:26

:>(Dennis Raulin) writes:

:>Hey, has anyone been sailing with humpback whales?
:Three years ago I was sailing my special spot near Pt. Reyes, California.
:As I was resting on the deserted beach i noticed a lone whale steaming
:slowly up the shoreline. I went back out, and sailed within 20 feet of
:the black behemoth, and got good field ID marks.   It was a humpback, and
:he swam right up to the sandbar where my waves break and just hung out
:there.  I decided it was time to head back down the beach.
:Humpies are unusual there, but we often see migrating gray whales in April.  
:Bob Galvan

When "Humphry the whale" first came into San Francisco Bay he detoured to
the South Sailing Basin at the Berkeley Marina. The tide was so low he was
exposed at eye level and as he swam his tail churned the water dark brown.
It was early on a Saturday morning and the wind was light, but I rigged as
fast as I could. I sailed to within 100 feet of Humphry and dared get no
closer. About that time the Coast Guard arrived hoping to coax Humphry to
deeper water before his lungs collapsed from his body weight. The Coast
Guard ordered me out of the area, so I backed off. Over the next two hours
I shadowed Humphry and the cruiser, as they headed erratically along the
old Berkeley pier ruins out into open water.

A sailing day I'll never forget.

Brian Burke

P.S. Humphry did not head out thru the Golden Gate that afternoon, but
toward Rio Vista on the Sacremento River. He vacationed there for mucho
days, generating a media circus.


Humpback whales (was Re:Chick's Beach Va. Beach)

Post by Patrick Powe » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 14:25:03

I was cruising around the seal rock near Steamer Lane on a long board,
looking at the scenery and not looking where I was going and almost
collided with some sea lions who were cooling off in the water, lying
on their backs with their flippers up in the air.  I turned away
at the last second and they chased me off, barking like mad.  If
I'd actually hit one I imagine I would have fallen into the ocean
and been mauled.


Humpback whales (was Re:Chick's Beach Va. Beach)

Post by John Hamilt » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 08:48:39

we catch whales at Waddell & Scotts every spring like religion.  have
sailed to within 50 ft and dropped down to my board to check um out on at
least 5 occasions.  while surfing at Scott's, three were 'skyhopping' where
they nose up out of the water and rotate so that they can see better, they
were seriously checking out the surfers & stayed for about 20 minutes
watching us.  I was with Kyle Bernhardt of ASD, and some Santa Cruz bud.

some guys are a little more 'ballzy' about going close, they aren't afraid
generally.  however, your about gnat sized and could get seriously pasted
if one got pissed (watch for cows with calves).  they let you know when you
are bothering them 'cause they change direction / or dive.

very cool, and very much 'god' contact.