Robby at Hatteras

Robby at Hatteras

Post by David Ho » Mon, 17 Nov 1997 04:00:00

OK, I haven't seen anything on the newsgroup of Robby's visit to
Hatteras, so here's the story..

Left PA to see Robby in hatteras on a miserable Friday night.  Cold,
raining, and a big accident on I 95 leaving an hour's worth of traffic.  
Several cars on the on ramp ahead of us stopped, then proceeded to try
and back up into our car.  The drivers of these cars then proceded to
threaten bodiely harm if we didn't "Back the F..k up"  -not so easily
done with a trailer attached and cars behind.  Next morning's late
breakfast at the Orange Blossom in Buxton made life seem a little

Robby arrived in Windsurfing Hatteras at 7 pm on the Sunday night.  He
seemed like a genuine, down to earth person unaffected by his fame.  In

has a weakness for Taco Bell, the proper term for antiventilation skirt
is "Flapper" and Bjorn's attitude has improved.  Somewhat.  Enough said.  
At the end of the evening, everyone mobbed the counter for an autograph.  
It quickly became apparent that Robby was going to take as much time as
necessary to sign everyone's poster, pose for glory photographs, and
chat.  Just reinforced everyone's opinion of what a CLASS ACT the man is.

Next morning (again fueled by the Orange Blossom) we parked at the Hole
early (7am) and sailed a great 25 to 35 K SW.  Robby showed up later and
sailed Ego beach.  Light wind on the inside made getting out through the
sandbar pound ionteresting to say the least.  The way Robby pumped
explained for many of us why his arms look the way they do, and ours
look...well you get the idea.  Out into the wind and it was all there:
The classic stance flying up wind, the dry forward on the outside and the
classic bottom turn and off the lip on the way in.  He sailed with
Dimitri, Don Bowers, Ty Luckett, Dana Miller and numerous other hatteras
locals I am not hip enought to name.  

After Robby was done, we windsurfing mortals returned to the Hole to be
pounded as the wind filled in for a late afternoon session... That
evening there was another Q and A session at Sailworld.  

I hope the reception that Robby received made his trip worthwhile for
him.  Many thanks to all those who had a hand in organizing it.  DO IT
Glenn Woodell captured it on film.  Se the pictures at