2001 North/F2 King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am

2001 North/F2 King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am

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King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am
$10,000 Prize Money
June 8-10, 2001
West Dennis Beach, Cape Cod Massachusetts

Team Challenge


Josh Stone, Nick Baker, Matt Pritchard, Web Pedrick, Brian Talma, Marcos

Diada Moreno, Ibala Moreno, Martin VanGeehoven, Jace Panebianco,

and many, many more.


Bonaire Junior Windsurfing Team.

**NEW** for this year includes a Women's Pro Division with a prize purse,
and a new Amateur Masters Division for the men.  The event this year is PWA
Recognized, which means more pros from the PWA Tour will be in attendance.
Be sure to check out the amazing and beautiful Moreno Twins (Diada and
Ibala), and the unbelievable Bonaire Junior Windsurfing Team.

For more information about the King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am, please
check out our web site at: http://www.kingofthecape.com/  or email us at:

Marc A. Lefebvre (US-775)
Cape Cod Windsurfing Association President
US Windsurfing North East Regional Director
Sponsors: AHD/Neil Pryde/Fiberspar/Island Sports/Widax Corp

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