Hi winds, 25-45 mph in SF.....

Hi winds, 25-45 mph in SF.....

Post by WARDO » Thu, 02 Mar 2006 04:50:33

Hi Chris,
Water quality is something to not take lightly...







> Wardog,

> If you storm sail around here in the winter, you are definitely at a
> health risk regardless of where you are.  First storm of the year is by
> far the worst.  I sailed on New Years Day and the water quality was so
> bad, I am done until the spring winds get here.  Somebody should take a
> sample and we can compare it to the Delta water in the summer.  Curious
> which is cleaner.

> Winds gusting over 70 last night in SF.

> Chris

>>Hi Kev,
>>I have friends that live on the hill overlooking Princeton...HMB...
>>Dunno if you realize (or care) about the water quality issues in the
>>area...doesn't seem like there's much chatter from windsurfers up there
>>on this issue...ignorance is bliss?...;-)

>>The San Mateo Surfrider Foundation Chapter's Blue Water Task Force
>>volunteers, County of San Mateo, and Earth911.Org work together to
>>regularly monitor the water quality around the North Coast...



>>FYI: The following beaches have elevated levels of indicator bacteria
>>and are posted:

>>Venice State Beach in Half Moon Bay    The two creeks that empty into
>>the ocean (Pilarcitos and Frenchman's) are included in this posting.
>>Pillar Point Harbor.  All of the beaches inside the harbor except for
>>the area by the boat ramp and the marina.



>>The Surfrider Foundation has a water-quality testing lab located in a
>>garage at the end of Stanford Avenue in Princeton and is owned by Sewer
>>Authority Midcoast and leased to Surfrider at no cost.

>>Surfrider's 14-member Blue Water Task force has been collecting water
>>samples from 32 sites and taking them to the San Mateo County Department
>>of Health for water quality analysis. The information is used to close
>>beaches and warn the public. Beach and water closures are posted on the
>>County's web site...

>>WillV and myself spocked out a new secret spot to sail yesterday...port
>>tack ramps were insane for jumping...but, the surf was already too big
>>and consistent to punch out through the powerful shorepound...

>>50mph Southerly gusts...OUCH!!!



>>>oops, just noticed that W. Point Ave. wraps around... anyway, the
>>>launch is next to the pier, at the eastern end of W. Point Ave.



Hi winds, 25-45 mph in SF.....

Post by Rigaton » Thu, 02 Mar 2006 05:06:46

Especially when we get so much rain so quickly.  Most sewage treatment
plants cannot handle the volume of run-off and dump the excess directly
into the bay/ocean at those times.  It kind of sucks but it is reality.


Hi winds, 25-45 mph in SF.....

Post by brad » Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:36:21

Ok recap of the last 3 days (sat,sun,mon) for those that bail on monday
nights, haha

Sat went out from  HSlordship on 5.5, 1-2 reachs of slogging and then
started heating up and planning most of the time for about an hour.
sofie was there on his 6.2. best day of the 3, it was sunny and warm!

Sun showed up at berkeley and it looked good. rigged my 5.5 and as i was
walking down david and sofie were coming in saying the wind died. we ran
up to the store and grabbed a case of bud and sat around in the rain
drinking. wind picked up around 2 and sofie and I tried to go out. He
beat me to the dock (I had to re-rig cuz I was about to go home) and
beat me up wind. well, i should say "up mud" because the water was
dropping and sofie just barely made it into the deep water but I had to
stomp through knee deep *** to get in enough water to plane. the water
kept dropping and we couldnt get up wind enough to stay wet, even though
we were almost at the point. sofie rode fin-first back to the dock and
and i body dragged back. when i hauled myself out of the "water" there
was about an inch of it at the end of the dock.

monday I went to berkeley around 7;30am and it looked good but nobody
was there... it was flat upwind and choas-crazy reflection waves near
the dock. i drove to alameda and it was solid 4.5 when I showed up, nice
steep short ramps. i called sofie, david, and kev but everyone was going
to take awhile. I didnt really want to go out alone, but damn it looked
good. rigged up my 5.0 and just about the time i am ready to go out
somebody else shows up and he starts rigging his 4.2 to go with his rrd
80L FSW "i'm rigging for the gusts" were his famous last words. I went
out for around 30-40 minutes and the wind was progressively dying but it
was really fun. I finally start to slog so head in just as the guy on
the 4.2 is heading out. sofie has shown up and we just sit around
complaining about alameda and why were arent at berkeley or san leandro (
ok sofie was complaining, i was smiling). we watch mr 4.2 slog all the
way out to the channel and disappear and start to get worried. we lose
sight of him (he was like 1/2 way to candlestick it seemed) and start to
get scared for him and we are about 10seconds from calling the coast
guard when we see a little glimmer and finally he pops up out of the
water. sofie heads to berkeley and i derig and plan to call the CG if Mr
4.2 isnt back to shore by the time I am ready to go. 20mins later I
drive up the parking lot and see Mr 4.2 on the rocks by the marina just
north of the normal alameda parking place.. I guess it would be "Ballena
Blvd." I had no idea how to drive there to give him a ride back and now
he was trying to tack upwind back to the beach or at least to the other
side of the marina so he could walk back to the parking lot. Anyhow, if
you read this Mr 4.2, sofie and I waited around an hour to make sure you
made it back.... but next time, when someone smaller than you comes in
on a 5.0 because the wind dies, it probably isnt a great idea to go OUT
on a 4.2 and smaller board.

i went up to berkeley and well, kev and sofie were there tooling around.
kev had to go on some important errand apparently, however now i find
out this important errand was going to sail at HMB, hahah. sofie and I
went out and it sucked, the water quality was even worse than the day
before. we sat around more with leeD and the dayleader chitachating and
nothing. finally i decide to go home, derig, and the wind comes up
around 1. sofie goes out and i refuse to be lured into re-rigging. when
i got home and checked the wind... it looks like sofie probably got
about 10 mins, glad I didnt get fooled once more. 5 "sessions" in two
days, 2 were good, but short. just want spring.

anyhow, I am thinking we should get some carpet for the parking lot at
TI. I am also thinking of nailing a shoe basket to that wood piling/post
in the middle of the boat-launch-bay. if anyone in the SF bay has access
to some carpet, take it TI or post here and I'm sure someone would love
to come pick it up and deliver it so we dont have to rig on asphault
this year.



> well, I know three guys that sailed from 10am to 3pm today, and one
> said it was the best day he'd ever had at HMB.  He was on a 4.2 (all
> day I think).

> I had tons of stuff to do this morning, so I didn't get there until
> they were getting off the water.

> Brad?  Gives us the lowdown!!  :-D

> kev