Post by Jaap Jan Van Ass » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi Surfers,
I'd like to start a project for and by surfers. The meaning of this project
is to give manners to make 'the endless summer' more than a dream. Surfing on
any water anywhere (well on earth then) for low budget. It's my idea to
create a network from surfers around the world who fil in a list or something
where they write down what kinda wind-wave conditions are around his or her
local spot. Other surfers can react and when they visit that country they
could stay by this surfer. If there are enough reactions, whole surfaris
could by made LOW BUDGET!!!

Well if ya like this or have any other idea's or whatever, please send that

Hang loose and make 'the endless summer' reality!!!

Jaap Jan.