SFBA Crissy Field Alert

SFBA Crissy Field Alert

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Crissy Field Alert

[Summary: Public Hearing: your participation requested]

[below is a verbatim reproduction of an SFBA flyer, I have
more info in a separate post. If you don't get the other one,

and I'll fwd or repost: please read the second post before
contacting the people listed below.]

A small number of SFBA volunteers have put in thousands of hours
over the last eight years to promote safety and protect and enhance
windsurfing access at Crissy. These volunteers, all dedicated
Crissy regulars, have achieved uncommon success toward their
objectives.  However, as we've anticipated and have been preparing
for all along, we're now at one of those few milestones in formal
federal decision-making that can only be influenced by large
numbers of knowledgeable, considerate, and determined  Bay Area
boardsailors.  Read on!


In 1972, Congress authorized the establishment of the Golden Gate
National Recreation Area (GGNRA), a collection of parklands and
historic sites surrounding San Francisco Golden Gate.  The Presidio
of San Francisco was included in this authorization; it stated that
the Post was to be transferred to the GGNRA when the Army determined
it to be excess to its needs.   In 1980, the GGNRA General Management
Plan/Environmental Analysis was adopted.  This Plan set forth the basic
management philosophy for the recreation area, which included not
only the areas north of the Golden Gate Bridge but also the Crissy
Field promenade (thin strip of Presidio shoreline from Fort Point to
the St. Francis Yacht Club).

In the late 1980s, the 1988 Crissy Field Site Improvements,
Environmental Assessment evolved from concepts presented in the 1980
General Management Plan.  SFBA worked diligently to influence its
outcome, although the final negotiated plan for Crissy parking, etc.,
was not ideal, SFBA supported its objectives in part because the
National Park Service (NPS) was attempting to recognize and cram
every outdoor interest and enhancement imaginable into the thin
strip of Crissy Field promenade shoreline.

In 1989, when the Army announced that the Presidio Post would be
closed, the NPS put its 1988 Crissy Field Site Improvements
implementation plans on hold because it now had the entire Presidio
Post to consider in management plans.


The 1980 GGNRA General Management Plan is now being amended to
include decisions about future management and the use of the Presidio
as a whole.  On October 21, 1993, the NPS presented its amendment
in two companion documents - the Draft General Management Plan
Amendment, which identifies the Park Service's proposed action for
the Presidio; and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS),
which describes four alternatives and their environmental
consequences, including the NPS proposed action (Alternative A).  
A final plan amendment may combine elements from one or more of the
alternatives presented in the DEIS.

The 60-day public review and comment period ends on December
21, 1993.  Several formal public meetings are being held around
the Bay Area, and all comments made at these meetings will be
addressed in final plan. Though SFBA is commenting to the NPS in
writing, it is imperative that as many windsurfers as possible
attend December llth meeting.


As most of you know, the SFBA Crissy Field Committee has been
working closely with the Presidio Planning Team and others in the
preservation and enhancement of Crissy Field windsurfing access.  
The Planning Team has assured us both personally and in the Draft
General Management PIan that access will be preserved;
"Boardsailors will use the offshore waters at the east end of the
promenade, and access the beach will be provided for them, with
nearby parking and rigging areas.  These actions are consistent
with the Crissy Field Site Improvements Environmental Assessment,
completed in 1988."

This would be fine except for the fact that the 1988 site
improvements provides for only 350 parking spaces in the near-beach
area.  At present, for April through September, on any windy sunny
weekday or weekend afternoon, we count over 500 vehicles in immediate
vicinity of the east end of Crissy.  Clearly, 350 parking spaces is
inadequate for windsurfers during the summer, not to mention the
number of other runners, dog walkers, sightseers, tourists, etc.
that park there as well.

The Presidio Transportation Planning Summary (Oct. 1993; page 20)
notes that the existing supply of spaces shared by Crissy Field
and the Exploratorium/Palace of Fine Arts totals 2,314 today, yet
the NPS plans to reduce this to 1,469 spaces.  At the same time,
the number of Presidio visitors is expected to increase from

1) 3.5 million/ yr. in 1988 to 5.9 million/yr. in the year 2000
    (a 67% increase),
2) 7.9 million users by 2010 (a 125% increase [DEIS, pg. 335].
   Note that a 67% increase in the 350 1988 spaces equates to
   585 spaces in the year 2000.

In addition, with the removal of all buildings north of Mason St.
(in the immediate East Beach area), the 350 space parking lot
will be the first thing visitors entering the Main St. Gate will
see, and in conjunction with the proposed Exploratorium classroom
expansion, we can expect extreme competition for a minimum number
of spaces.  The DEIS (pg. 328) notes that parking turnover rates
were based on trends at similar park facilities, yet the NPS has
no other advanced/world-class windsurfing sites under its
management that SFBA knows of.  The DEIS also states that parking
requirements for the Exploratorium/Palace of Fine Arts complex were
estimated by staff at that facility. However, the NPS would not
adopt SFBA's updated 1992 estimate of 500 spaces.



9:30 A.M. ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1993

The address is:
Marina Middle School,
3500 Fillmore St. (at the corner of Chestnut St.)
San Francisco.  

Windsurfer participation at this meeting is being coordinated by
Deborah Harkins (415-386-5367) and
Steve or Bruce at City Front Sailboards (415) 929-7873,

I can be reached at 415-744-1857 (days) and 415-885-4357 (evenings).

Bill Robberson,
Crissy Field Committee



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