Ice/Snow Sail in 20mph winds and 60f temp

Ice/Snow Sail in 20mph winds and 60f temp

Post by Joey Alber » Fri, 28 Mar 1997 04:00:00

The end of ice sailing season on Lake Simcoe offers the unique
opportunity of trying out this sport in very comfortable warm
temperatures.  The forecast for friday is 20mph winds from the South
with highs about 60 degrees.  Lake Simcoe is still frozen solid end to
end (last saturday Charles Chepregi and I tacked straight up wind from
Jackson's Point, central west side, to the south end of Kempenfelt bay
at Barrie, a journey of 50 miles the way of the 'crow'; likely 80 miles
of total sailing).

Come on out Toronto Sailers! Why get wet in Lake Ontario when you can go
twice as fast without falling into the c..c..c..c..cold water.  

We are planning to sail from Willow Beach about 45 minutes north of
Toronto (take 404 north to the end, turn right, turn immediately left on
Woodbine and continue north past Kewsick to Kennedy Road and follow
Kennedy to the shore.  Bring your 3.5 to 5.5 sails and 3/8 " mast plate
(if you have one).  Charles will let you demo or rent a Snowfer.

This could be the last weekend on the ice if these temperatures stay
around all next week (I hope not)

Take Care

Joey Albert