New Chinook 120 deg. boom - Review?

New Chinook 120 deg. boom - Review?

Post by Sean » Wed, 20 Jul 1994 05:21:57

I have some questions about the new Chinook 120 deg booms.  If anyone
on the net has been using it, could you please give me review of your
experience.  Specifically, I am interested in

a.  Is the new 120 deg. front end as strong as the old front end?

b.  Does the front end articulate enough to take the torque off the mast
when its not completely perpendicular (i.e. clew lower than mast attaching

c.  How do you like the external adjustment buttons?  Are they less likely
    to bind up with salt and sand?

d.  With the old tubes, you could release one end of the tube and try to
loosen the other end by twisting it back and forth.  That is not possible
with the new boom.  Any problem with tubes binding up?

Thanks for the reply.  Carbon booms are still too expensive, especially
with the *abuse* I give them!

Explosion, Tempo, North


New Chinook 120 deg. boom - Review?

Post by TMannin » Wed, 20 Jul 1994 14:24:05


I bought two of these booms this spring and have found them to be great
Have used them a considerable amount so far and no problems.  the only
drwback I find is that they are somewhat narrow for racing and similar
sailing styles.
The new front end is slighlty stiffer than the previous ones, a nice
is the better grasp the front end has on the mast, it seems more secure.  
The front end probably falls in the middle of the range as far as
movement.  They are considerably stiffer than a Nautix or North style
front end,
but not quite as stiff as a Hawiian Pro Line type front end.  I have not
any problems myself.
The extensions are fine, although the longer they become, the more flex
will find.  I have not had any problems with sand, or anything else.  Also
extensions are filled with some type of closed-cell foam to prevent them
filling completely with water or sand.  
The boom diameter is very comfortable also  - -  they are a good value I
for an alternative to carbon, big $, booms.
        Hope this helps!    Ted