WANTED: carbon mast (2 piece MCS 25)

WANTED: carbon mast (2 piece MCS 25)

Post by Grant Grundl » Thu, 10 Sep 1992 08:52:54

My 130 lb. wife has heard carbon masts are lighter than the usual
7 lb wave mast (which is what she inherited from me - I am 205 lb).
So she wants one (which I can understand).

Does anyone in the peninsula or East Bay have a 2 piece MCS 25
constant curve carbon mast for sale? (should be around 4 pounds weight)
I am willing to pay up to $150 for one in good condition.
At swap meets, I have seen 1 piece masts go for about $110
and 2 peice for $150. (there were good fiberspar masts...)

Best to email me or call me at (408) 366-3583.