89 Bic Bamba - what's this board worth?

89 Bic Bamba - what's this board worth?

Post by Dave Lum » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

We have an 89 Bic Bamba which was bought from new (400GBP in 89) for use by
my other half. As she uses the board so infrequently we have decided to sell
it and make a little more room in the garage ( for another short board :-) ).
The board has only been used a couple of dozen times or so and is in
excellent condition. Any suggestions as to what the board (hull only) might
be worth would be very welcome - I'm not trying to rip off a beginner when
selling it but at the same time I'd rather not let it go for a song.

Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback and appologies if this is
not the correct group for such a question.

        Dave Lumby

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