Traveling to Baja Joe's in La Ventana

Traveling to Baja Joe's in La Ventana

Post by Brian Geas » Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:00:00


There are two routes to take to La Ventana from the Bay Area. 1) Fly to Cabo at
around $400 per person, rent a car and make the 2 hour drive to La Ventana or 2)
Fly Oakland to La via Southwest at $140rt per person, then fly Aero California to
La Paz at $230rt per person and then having Angie pick you up at the airport.  I
chose the second option as rental cars are fairly expensive, and I have heard
stories of people arriving in Cabo to find that no rental cars were available,
even though they had a reservation.

The room costs are around $50 per night (different cabins have different costs)
which includes access to all the facilities.  Windsurf rentals were $50 per day
(I think) for new high end equipment.  These prices are from memory, so you
should check with Baja Joe's to make sure my memory isn't foggy from the

To eat, we bought some food in La Paz to stock the fridge, and then we caught
fish almost every morning.  You can also eat in town at about $4-$8 per person
for a feast.

The contact info for Baja Joe's is on the web site at***.com/bajajoe/

Email me or contact me at 510-521-2448 if you have any more questions or just
want to chat about Baja.



> I like your web page.  Makes me want to go right now.  Of hand, can you
> remember how much it cost to fly and stay there?  I assume you flew from SFO.

> I really like the "great place for a family" part.

> Thanks,
>   Michael