Quick wavesailing videoclip, "sharin' the wave with Kevin" from Kanaha!

Quick wavesailing videoclip, "sharin' the wave with Kevin" from Kanaha!

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Hey all,

     Here's a quick video clip from my helmetcam from last Monday at
Kanaha.  To bad I'm in New York now (although I love NY!).....oh well,
I'll be back in June!

http://SportToday.org/;click on "slightly higher res"


A few notes from that day.....

Monday, April 9th.

     My last day on Maui, my flight leaves at 10:30pm.  Despite
arriving in paradise 10 days ago, this was the second day of sailable
wind, the first being the previous day, Sunday.  Yesterday's sailing
was epic, with occasional bombs over mast high (14 foot faces).  No
one was sailing at Ho'okipa that day since it was all closed out, so
all the pros were at Kanaha.  Being easter Sunday and having quite the
dry spell for wind, parking was really tough, but we got really lucky,
another friend Gary was pulling out from my favorite parking spot
under the tree!  With such big  waves on Sunday, you really couldn't
go for it as you would if the waves were a little smaller, at least
with my level of expertise...  It was an extremely fun day though, my
buddy Brook who I was travelling with called it his best day of
sailing EVER!  Monday's sailing, captured in the video clip, promised
to be even better, with more consistent winds and slightly smaller
waves.  When we first arrived at Kanaha, the waves looked like they
decreased in size by half, and the wind was on the light side.  Brook
could only*** his lips since he had an early afternoon flight (Never
leave Maui on your last day before 9pm!).  Surprisingly, by the time I
got on the water, the waves were consistently head high with many sets
logo high (6 to 10 ft.).  My first session on the water was great with
my 83 liter quattro and 5.6 Simmer wavesail, it was shaping up to be
my best day at Kanaha in 6 years.  You could really commit to the
entire wave, it wasn't scary big like Sunday.  After 1 1/2 hours of
fantastic wavesailing, I came in and took a break, and had something
to eat.  When I got back on the water, the wind was pretty fluky and I
was only planing 30% of the time.  It was beautiful to be out on the
water anyway, schlogging out past the reef and waiting for the big
ones to come through.  You would just stand there on your board and
wait, looking towards the horizon until you would see the sea level
rising in the distance and ramping up into a nice downhill slope of
water.  Then, if you were in the right place at the right time, you
would pump onto a plane, catch up to the wave and accelerate down the
face, bottom turn and ride back up the slope to meet the breaking
crest.  If you were lucky, you could get 3 or 4 bottom turns on a wave
as the peak of the wave travelled downwind.

     To make a long story short, I decided to record my last sesh on
the water for posterity.  I hate having to go home without nothing to
show from my trip!  As the afternoon progressed, the wind got lighter
and lighter.  I was shouting out to the wind gods to give me one last
big fat juicy wave, and all of a sudden, I see the sea level rising in
the distance with the promise of a nice swell heading in towards the
reef.  With no one else competing for this wave, I pumped onto a plane
and my board started pointing down the wave's face.  In the distance
downwind (about 20 yards away) I could see world champ Kevin Pritchard
on the same wave.  Having rights, I chase down the face of the wave
and bottom turn.  When I get to my turn off the top of the wave,
there's Kevin, now upwind of me with a big smile, ready to head down
the face of the wave behind me.  We're perfectly set up to share this
wave!  I do my top turn while he bottom turns below and upwind of me.
I head down the face of the wave again as he hits the lip.  As I ride
up to hit the lip he flies down the face of the wave and then heads
upwind for more--bye bye!  There I am, the wave finally passes under
me, and I can't stop laughing, hooting and hollering!  Pure bliss!
The wind gods delivered big time!

     Postscript:   My sailing buddies Michael and Chico report that
the wind came back up late and they sailed until the sun went down!
The smile on Michael's face when I met him at the Fishmarket later was

All the best,

wave kook