Post by Steve Shapso » Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Our store had over 100 rented video tapes about skiing, skateboarding,
snowboarding and windsurfing which we no longer rent and would like to sell
 for $5.00* per tape.  These tapes are in excellent condition with
the original covers.  They are new as well as older more popular titles.
If interested, please contact the below.

*Purchases of 10 tapes or more.

Steve Shapson  Screamin' Tuna Surf Shop/Force 10 Foils 10920 N. Port
Washington Rd., Mequon, WI 53092  Info Line 414 241 8862  Order Line

IRC #KITES, DalNet Server, Nicknames: Tunaman, MrTuna, SteveShap, Force_10,

-------------------------------------LIST OF
Previously Rented Sport Tapes by Category

NORDIC SKIING:  Skiercise II, Telemarking,
SNOWBOARDING: Pocahontas, Ocean Pacific POP, TB2 The New Way of Thinking,
It's The Source, Project 6, Upping Ante,  Snowrules/Burton,  Surf the
Earth-O'Neil, Critical Condition, Botched, This is Snowboarding with Team
Sims, Catch Snowboard fever, The Young and the Restless, The Ride, No Evil,
Chill-Burton, Riders on the Storm, Nature of the Beast, Don't Pat the Dog,
Creatures of Habit, Hit Parade, Totally Board, Fear of Flat Planet, New
Kids on the Twock, Sno Daze-Sims, Snowboarders in Exile, Snowdown at St.
Moritz, How to Snowboard #1, The Hard, hungry, and the Homeless-Billabong,
Substance-Kingpin, Snowshredders, Demented Chowder Pilots on the Run, Run
the Thrills TB4, Tales from the Snow Zone, Off the Wall, New Jax, Fresh, 20
Tricks-Burton, Override, The Western Front, Fakie This, Baniff Blastout,
The Smooth Groove, Board with the World, Scream of Consciousness, Stadium,
Mother, No Evil, Mountain Surfers,
BIKING: Guide to Bicycle Touring, Curb Crusin', Aggroman-A Bicycle Epic,
SKATEBOARDING: The Rockmonster, NSA Skateboard Contest '85(6 tape set),
Skatevisions, NSA Skatevideo '86, Skateboard Madness, Gullwing, Thrashin',
The Bones Brigade Video Show, Molecues of Motion, Skatefest '88, Tropp Ball
Loop Tape, Duel at Diablo, Streetstyle In Tempe, Skate Escape, Skates from
Uranus, SKT Hard, Ban This, Foundation Boards, The Makalter Skate Classic,
Champion Skateboard Highlights, Risk It,Skateboarding Inside Out, "98 in
The Shade, On the Prowl, Holiday Havoc, Savannah Slamma III, Public Domain,
Beyond the Edge-Warren Miller, Rollin' with the Boyz, Savannah Slamma II,
Speed Freaks Video, BBC Skate Video, Savannah Slamma 1988, License to
Skate, No Money Down, Full Power Trip, Strange Notes, Rampatak, Red Hot
Skate, Burye at Will, Ohio Skate Out, Skaters Quarterly,  
ALPINE SKIING: Warren Miller Ski Time, Warren Miller Best of Comedy, White
Magic, Gonzo'd to Extremes, Escape to Ski, Extreme Live, Daydreams, Skiing
Extreme II,  Cosmic Winter, Go Big, Ski Country, Learn to Ski Better,
Extreme Attitude, Ski for Yourself, Skiing Extreme III, Carving the White,
Into the Snow Zone, Daydreams, Steeps Leaps of Powder, Snowonder, Upski,
Nothing, Robby Naish High Performance Funboarding, Solo Sports, '85 O'Neil
Invitational, Trade Winds, Angle of Attack, How to Body Board with the Pros
II, Blue Highway, Ski Boarding Made Easy, Hot Water Tour, Sport Bloopers,
Waterskiing with Brett Wing, Lifes a Beach, Beginning Boardsailing, How to
Bodyboard with the Pros I, The Cutting Edge, Radical Attitude.