Montly Post: FAQ files available by anonymous ftp

Montly Post: FAQ files available by anonymous ftp

Post by Jack Greenba » Wed, 08 Apr 1992 05:42:42

This is a monthly posting to make all rec.windsurf'ers aware of the files
available by anonymous ftp on ( in the
directory /pub/windsurf.

Gorge-info    Common questions about sailing the Columbia River Gorge.

SF-info       Windsurfing shops and launch sites in the San Francisco

wind-numbers  Phone numbers for various wind reporting services
              throughout the nation compiled from net postings. Please
              contribute additions or deletions.

net-weather   A FAQ on obtaining weather data over the Internet.

pictures      Subdirectory containing several windsurfing bitmaps in gif
              format (crissy.gif is still my favorite).

threads       Subdirectory containing interesting threads of
              discussion. If you ask a question and get many replies
              then most likely it was a good question that others will
              want an answer to in the future. Send your digest to

              Current threads avaiable :
                contacts        Contact lens experiences
                hatteras        Cape Hatteras sailing info
                upwind          Upwind techniques for shortboards

Please send *anything* you feel should be added to this archive to

I will try to handle e-mail requests (at the above addresses) from those
without ftp access, as long as the volume is not too high.

Think Wind!

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(805) 893-4461     | Santa Barbara, Ca. 93106, USA