wave sails - new N.P. Combat Waves?

wave sails - new N.P. Combat Waves?

Post by jeff feeha » Wed, 15 Sep 2004 06:35:29

has anyone here tried the new Neil Pryde Combat Waves?

i have always kind of liked the feel of the n.p. zones, but (depending
on the model year) they sometimes lack enough power for getting out in
onshore conditions.

the web site info describes the re-introduced combat as being between
the zone and search in terms of feel. the search is a little more
grunty than i really like - although i have enjoyed sailing them.

jeff feehan


wave sails - new N.P. Combat Waves?

Post by Kevin K » Wed, 15 Sep 2004 16:34:38

Hi Jeff,

I've been sailing a Combat 4.7 since June, and I have at least 50 days
on it so far.  I also sail a Zone 4.1, so I'll try to give you a

The Combats definitely have more power.  The first thing you'll notice
is that the Combat has a much tighter leech than the Zone (which has a
lot of twist).  You can also tune the Combat to have more or less
twist.  I personally like it with about 0.5cm extra downhaul, to open
up the head a little bit.  It also has a nice soft, forgiving feel,
although it's not mushy.  More downhaul will tension up the skin a
little more in the body, and I prefer the sail this way.

The Combat fits right in between the Search and Zone in terms of
power, so it's perfect for all those guys who wanted a Zone w/ a
little bit more power.  A lot of the NP team riders who were riding
Zones and Cores, like Josh Stone, Jason Prior, and Robby Swift, are
all riding Combats now. It's a wave sail that's very versatile and
suitable for onshore conditions and bump & jump sailing, as well as
the waves.

Anyway, the Combat is a really sweet sail:  great range and a nice
feel.  It's really versatile for people of different builds and
styles, and it can be tuned for different feel/conditions.  I really
love mine.

You can see some video at: