Outer Banks Report

Outer Banks Report

Post by cblu.. » Wed, 06 Jul 1994 21:44:17

Report from the outer Banks for the week of June 24-July 2...

   Wind on Monday was INSANE!!!  We had the roughest storm that I've
ever been in aside from hurricane Gloria.  My friend's house registered
wind gusts over 65mph...  There was soo much rain too.  Early in the
morning it was great.  The winds were steady and hadn't yet turned into
the gusty and unpredictable winds that we know so well from the NE...
So in the afternoon the winds calmed down a bit.  Steady 25-30 knots, too
strong for me in my 5.6 sail.  (I only weigh 140 lbs.) So the next
day was grrrreat!!!  Winds were perfect for me.  Friends who weigh more
and have race shortboards were out on anywhere from 6.6 to 7.2..  But it
got weird on us in the afternoon..  Wind had been SSW all day - steady,
dependable - choppy - great conditions...  There were about 5 good
windsurfers out in the middle of the sound, then there was me heading out towards the center and there were little people onshore..  So, I'm heading in, and
all of the sudden, it seemed like a microburst occured!!!  Winds,
went nutssss!!!  Flew around to the NNE, and then E then to W...  I
looked around and everyone was down!!  It was the weirdest thing I'd
ever experienced!!!  Rest of the week was steady SSW at 15-25 knots...
Anyone have any idea what happened to the wind though??  Any meteorologists
out there???

   See ya out there...
     The Silver Surfer

P.S.  I got the entire board out of the water on a jump!!!  Yippeee!!!
      My first jump too!!!!!!!!!