Accommodation at Hood River?

Accommodation at Hood River?

Post by Geoff Weitz » Wed, 18 May 1994 08:30:00

Does anyone know a good, reasonably priced motel, B&B, etc. in Hood River
for the upcoming weekend?  Phone numbers would be a help.



Accommodation at Hood River?

Post by Wilton Ha » Thu, 19 May 1994 09:25:16

This is the second request for Gorge information today so it must be
time to post the Gorge FAQ.


                        Gorge FAQ

Here are some common questions and their answers about the Columbia

1.  What and where is the Columbia River Gorge?

    The Columbia River Gorge is a large cut through the mountains which
    allows the Columbia River, to get from the Eastern part of Washington
    and Oregon, to the Coast.  It creates the border between Washington and
    Oregon.  Hood River, which is located at the base of Mt Hood, is the town
    which has the most windsurfing activity.  It is located about 60 miles
    East of Portland Oregon.  The closest international airport is in Portland
    but there are small airports in Hood River and The Dalles.  There is also
    an international airport in Seattle which is 4-5 hours drive from Hood

    Here is an ASCII map of the Gorge from Portland to Maryhill which shows
    the approximate distances between towns.  

               W<-|->E           I-84
Portland <45> Cascade Locks <15> Hood River <20> The Dalles <20> Maryhill
         Miles              Miles           Miles           Miles

2.  What is the windsurfing season in the Columbia River Gorge?

         Early season starts in April or early May and lasts through August.
              West wind is most common with many windy days.

         Late season starts in September and goes through November.
              West and East wind days with more no wind days.

       Windsight has provided some data on sailable days for the year 1993.
       A sailable day is defined by them as a day that contained a 3 hour
       time period where the one minute wind speed average was 20 MPH or
       greater.  This calulation does not include wind gusts.  They feel
       that this tranalates into a 5.0M or better sail size.  For a day to
       be considered sailable there only had to be one place on the river
       that met the above specifications.  This means that there could have
       been sailing from Rooster Rock in the West to Arlington in the East
       or anywhere in between.  East wind days were included which helped the
       numbers for March and November.  1993 had a weak spring but the wind
       kicked in real nice in June.  They plan to add more data as they have
       time to compile it.

                     Percent of Sailable Days in 1993

    |                            G    
 80-|                                   G
    |                                          G
 50-|                                                             G
    |            G
    |                        G    
    |                   G
 30-|                                                       G
    |                                                 G    
      J     F     M     A     M     J     J     A     S     O     N     D

                            Months of the Year

    There would be many more sailable days if the sail size was raised to
    6.0 but people who come to the Gorge really want high wind sailing so
    that is why the above chart is based on 3 hours of 5.0 or better weather.

3.  What is the water temperature?

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
     38  39  43  50  56  63  68  72  67  60  53  44   (Average in Degrees F)

4.  Where can I stay?

         Depending on the race schedule there may be very few motels available
         in Hood River.  You can travel East to the Dalles or West to the
         edge of Portland.  

         There are a number of state parks where you can camp.  Most of the
         year you can find a place to camp without a problem.  On holiday
         weekends you should plan to get a camp spot by noon or you may have
         trouble.  The favorite windsurfing camp spot is Memaloose State Park.
         It cost about $8.00 per night which includes hot showers and a ticket
         to use Rowena sail park for free.

         Some of the other parks are as follows:

    Name            Location                                   Comments
    Home Valley     Washington - 15 miles West of the Hatchery Trains/Sailing
    Viento          Oregon - 5 miles West of Hood River        Trains/Sailing
    Tucker Park     Oregon - 5 miles South of Hood River       Quiet
    Great American  Oregon - 15 miles South of Mosier          Quiet
    Memaloose       Oregon - 12 miles East of Hood River       My favorite
    Avery Park      Washington - 8.5 Miles East of the         Free/Sailing
                       Dalles Bridge                           Trains
    Maryhill Park   Washington - North end of Sam Hill Bridge  Expert Sailing
    Peach Beach     Washington - Just East of Maryhill Park    Expert Sailing
    Wind Ranch      Washington - East end of Bingen            Lots of sailors

         People who do not wish to camp can try one of these:

    Name             Location               Phone             Comments
    Skamania Lodge     Stevenson Washington 1-800-221-7117    New and very nice
    State Street B&B   Hood River             503-386-1899    River View
    Tillicum Inn       The Dalles           1-800-298-5161
    Best Western       The Dalles             503-296-9107
    Inn at the Dalles  The Dalles             503-296-1167    View of the Dam
    Inn at Hood River  Hood River             503-386-2200    On the River
    Lone Pine Motel    Hood River             503-386-2601    View of River
    Bingen School Inn  Bingen                 509-493-3363    Inexpensive

         People who wish to rent a place should try the following:

    Name                                               Phone
    Northwest Investment Management - Hood River       503-386-3770
    Mid-Columbia Property Management - Hood River      503-386-3770
    Vacation Rentals - Summer Only - Hood River        503-386-6800

5.  Do I need a car?

         It is possible to sail in the Gorge without a car.  You must purchase
         a package deal from one of the outfits that have equipment as well as
         a place to stay.  There are several that offer sailing from their own
         beach in Rowena.  

         A car makes  sailing the Gorge much easier.  If you find the wind
         to strong or to weak in one place you can usually move East or West to
         a place that fits your needs.  A good roof rack is a must.  If you
         are driving 65 MPH on the freeway into a 40 or 50 MPH head wind your
         boards and gear are seeing over 100 MPH of wind.

6.  Where can I rent or purchase equipment?

         There are more than 20 windsurfing shops in the Gorge.  Most are
         located in Hood River but both the Dalles and Lyle have shops also.
         Most shops rent equipment as well as sell new equipment.  The going
         rate is about $30 per day.

         The largest selection of used equipment is at Windance.  They usually
         have 40 to 50 boards and several hundred sails on consignment.  They
         also have lots of new equipment and good advice.  2ND Wind Sports
         and Big Winds also have used equipment.

         The following lists of phone numbers was taken from the Yellow Pages
         dated July 1993.

             Big Winds                     503-386-6086
             Dill Sailboards               503-386-6202
             Front Street Sailboards       503-386-4044
             Hood River Windsurfing        503-386-5787
             Hi-Per Tech                   503-386-6608
             Gorge Animal Custom Sailboard 503-386-5524
             Gorge Gear-Soft Goods Access  509-386-2037
             Gorge Windsurfing The Dalles  503-298-8796  1-800-772-3889
             Life Cycles The Dalles        503-296-9588
             Logoszworks                   503-386-2242
             Meadows Windsynergy           503-FUN-WIND
             Open Ocean (Lyle WA)          509-365-4115
             Promotion Wetsuits            503-386-3278
             Rushwind                      503-386-3278
             Sail World                    503-386-9400
             Sailboard Warehouse           503-386-1699 1-800-992-SAIL
             Visual Speed                  503-386-7877
             Windance                      503-386-2131
             Windsurifng Hawaii            503-386-8707
             2ND Wind Sports               503-386-4464
             Stevenson Outsider            509-427-4337

         The above list shows shops but in some cases they make their own
         line of equipment.  Windance is a good example.  They build their

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