Racks for a ('94 or '95) camaro - more info

Racks for a ('94 or '95) camaro - more info

Post by Gregg Zupcsi » Fri, 19 Aug 1994 06:48:12

Zupcsics) says:


>   I'm considering buying a Z28 camaro (w/ the new body style).
>Has anyone had sucecss getting racks to fit this body style?

  Someone suggested that I try Thule or Yakima, or a car dealer.
I should have mentioned that I've tried this - the problem that I
have here is that one company (who shall remain nameless :-) makes
racks that they claim will fit my current car, but don't fit well,
so I don't feel that I can count on this info.

  Also, this same company says that there are no racks available
that will work well on the camaro, and I'm finding this difficult
to believe.

   I've also talked to two chevy dealers, one of whom found a third-
party rack, but I'm reluctant to buy the car without having talked
with someone who has successfully used this rack (or some other) on
this car. I'm currently trying to get reference(s) from the rack

   So I'm looking for people who have actually had success with a
particular rack. Anyone have any luck with this, or any info on
racks that you've tried that didn't work well ?

   Thanks, and again, please reply by e-mail if possible.

Gregg Zupcsics