FS: LOTS of Windsurfing Equipment

FS: LOTS of Windsurfing Equipment

Post by Steven A. Bail » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have a bunch of windsurfing equipment I would like to sell.  It all
goes as a package deal.  Here goes:

   9'9" Seatrend Slalom board (medium to high wind board)
   8'8" Bic Rap (high wind board)
        Mistral Superlight (light wind board)

   North 7.2 Infinity (Cambered - almost new)
   North 5.3 (Cambered)
   Hatteras sails 5.1 (Cambered)
   NPU 9.0 (RAF)
   NPU 5.9 (RAF)
   NPU 4.1 (RAF)
   NPU 3.5 (RAF)
   Mistral 6.3 Superlight Sail

   North Large (255 cm)
   North Medium
   North Small
   Mistral Superlight

Heads and Tails
   2 North Clamp-on heads and tails

   2 aluminum NPU
   1 fiberglass NPU

Mast extensions
   2 aluminum NPU
   1 Mistral

   Seat harness with spreader bar
   North gear bag
   Short board regular bag
   Short board padded bag
   Lots of parts

Everything goes together.  Price is $2000. This is a fantastic deal!
All equipment is in excellant condition!!