Fin for Vision

Fin for Vision

Post by Bill Kli » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 15:11:09

Hi all,

I did test the techno in Bonaire where the water is shallow. I used the Curtis
Drake 33. As Pete say, it isn't very lively, but is great in shallow water an d
for learners.

I do not recommend swept blade or Freeride fins although we do have a 40 and 46
for those who insist. If you were making a glider out of balsa, would you put a
Freeride outline on it? No, you would use an efficient outline so it glides
better, using a smaller of an efficient outline for maneuverability.

The Vision board  for early and light wind planing, upwind, jibing. the correct
fin will work better. You should be able to go to 55 cm or so if you do not hit
bottom. If it is shallow, watch out. You may lose a fin as the finbox is
designed to break on serious impact.

All the following Curtis Fins work well:  CR-7 38cm+, all CR-10, 12, 15, Weed
40, 44, and the DC-33.

Use a 46 to 55 for early planing , depending on weight and sail size
40 to 46 for mid range performance
The CR-7 38 to 42 for windier, when it starts boucing, and slalom sailing

Have fun,
Bill Kline
Gorge Sport USA
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Hood River, OR USA

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