any windsurfers at ACM Multimedia/SIGGRAPH?

any windsurfers at ACM Multimedia/SIGGRAPH?

Post by Stig Johans » Wed, 21 Apr 1993 16:00:49

I am going to the conference ACM Multimedia in Anaheim, California August 1. so
I have some questions regarding the windsurfing conditions.

a) Has any of you windsurfers planned to go there? In that case I would appreciate
if you'd let me know.

b) Where are the best windsurfing spots round L.A.? I'd like to combine pleasure
and work.

c) How much do I have to pay for a two week (cheap) trip to Hawaii (from L.A.)?
If you too have planned to go there late july we might go together.

Thanks for your time!

Arctic Surf Bums" Almost 70 degrees north:-)

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