Sail prices (was: sail repair - catalogs)

Sail prices (was: sail repair - catalogs)

Post by Dave Lum » Thu, 05 Apr 1990 00:58:38

(Juri Munkki) writes:

> Here in Finland I can get a good used sail for about US$250 and good
> new sails cost about US$700-US$1000. Last year's unused sails cost
> about US$400-500, but usually they have only very small sizes left.
> I don't know what the situation in the US is, but I'd be interested
> to read about it here.

Not too sure about the US but the prices you quote seem very expensive when
compared to UK sail prices. I have five hand made multi-mode (1 camber
inducer, rotational or semi-soft) sails produced by a small (but very well
respected) sail loft in Cornwall (SW England). My sails range from 3.2 sq m
to 6.0 sq m and if memory serves me right the costs ranged from 174 pounds
(US$290) to 240 pounds (US$400).

Why not pop over to the UK for your hols and pick-up some less expensive



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