body weight vs sail size

body weight vs sail size

Post by Jaime Corde » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00


>I wonder about the factor of the sex of the sailor also. I weigh almost
>the same as many guys close to my height but don't have the recovery
>strength, even though I'm in pretty good shape. I think its hard to
>separate out strength and skill. I used to sail a meter below the boys in
>my height/weight range but I've closed that gap to the same size or maybe
>half a meter at most. What are other women doing out there? I noticed a
>few weekend women sailors at the Gorge this summer underestimating their
>ability to carry more sail. Also, is it true the industry standard male is
>160 lbs? What is the standard female?

My guess is that a women the same size/weight as a guy could probably
carry MORE sail area due to difference in body proportions. Guys tend to
be a bit top heavy, whereas women tend to have smaller upper bodies and
larger lower bodies. Example, one of the cheerleaders in our high school
could press the entire rack at the Universal machine. Very few
of the guys could. This assumes both are on slalom equipment (not wave)
and speed is a goal.

One thing else that might be different is attitudes toward sailing. My
girlfriend, and some of my male sailing buddies, rig so they can plane, and
not much more. They don't like going *too* fast. *I*, on the other hand,
rig so I can always plane, even in the lulls, so I'm usually fully powered plus.
(This varies quite a lot: I have seen women sailors pass me fully wound up,
so let's not generalize too much).

To partly answer your factual question, I believe the industry standard
male is 5'9" and the industry standard female 5'5"-5'6" (depends who says).
The average male weight is 150-160 lbs, again, depending on who says.

Sorry, don't know about the standard female weight.


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