Brecks on the Beach (Sunset Beach, Hawaii)

Brecks on the Beach (Sunset Beach, Hawaii)

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        Brecks On The Beach!

        A great hostel for backpackers the world over. Located on the
        beautiful North Shore (undeveloped!) of Oahu. We are located
        right on Sunset Beach and provide the BEST and least expensive
        accomodations around. Please visit our website:


        to learn more. If you are unable to use a web browser please give
        us a call or write at the address/number below.

        This is a paradise for surfers.

        And for you windsurfers the next break over is the famous
        surf/windsurfing break known as 'Backyards!'

Brecks On The Beach Hostel
59-043 Huelo St. #2A
Haleiwa, HI 96712

Phone: 808 638 7873