What about Fat Lisa?

What about Fat Lisa?

Post by Expor » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 05:35:10

In a recent article (post) Unlce Iggy of Midwest fame (The stories they
tell...wow!) said he would be willing to answer questions........

OK.......so what has happened to Fat Lisa Uncle Iggy? Since GLWM folded
All of us who are her fans feel somewhat lost.........

Not even a long distance call to Eurethria made me feel better............

P.S. M. Linus Isabel was last seen in a Chicago area bar conning free
drinks from women who wouldn't believe what the M stands


What about Fat Lisa?

Post by Uncle Ig » Sat, 12 Nov 1994 06:20:42


What has become of Fat Lisa since the temporary halt of pulbication of
Great Lakes Windsurf Magazine?  She has gone to work at a potatoe (or
Potato for you Dan Quayle enthusiasts) chip factory.  I understand that
she's taken a huge cut in pay but she's allowed to eat her weight in chips
and crumbs every day during her frequent lunch and snack breaks.  She
continues to do top 10 lists and has promised to give me a few to post on
the interenet.
See Ya!