Wanted: DC area, 7 large (+/- 7.0) sail

Wanted: DC area, 7 large (+/- 7.0) sail

Post by Celine Sadoulet-tab » Thu, 02 Jun 1994 05:51:14

ARGGHHHH, DC summer winds (or lack of...)

Being on a strict budget, I'm looking for a large sail to keep me
planing on my only board (a 8'8'' TIGA) during the dull-winded
summer DC months.  Does anyone
have a used sail they'd be willing to part with for cheap?
(+/- $50-60 or

PLEASE DON"T ANSWER TO THIS ACCOUNT!! It's my wife's and she'll kill me if
she knows I want to buy a sail. :+)   (actually, I just don't read mail on
this account)

Thanks!! and happy sailing!