You've been here...

You've been here...

Post by John Gullot » Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Good for you, Pete!

I agree that lessons are the best idea for learning.  It'll cost a few $$
but it's worth it.

There are different ways of learning.  I have a friend who started with a
short board and never learned to uphaul.  But it's not the way most of us
got our start.  

Check the yellow pages or the ads in the magazines for a sailing school.  
You're not too far from the Columbia River.  There are great schools down
there.  Look too for swap meets.  And like it was said on one of the
other threads, go to the places where windsurfers congregate and talk to
the guys while they're waiting for the wind to come up.  They'll be able
to tell you what the local conditions are like and what kind of sailing
is done in your neck of the woods.  Don't listen to the mopers who're
always complaining about insufficient wind.  Just make sure you have
sails big enough and a board that suits you so that you have a good time.
 That's the whole point, now, isn't it?

Good luck