The Gorge PRO-AM is Canceled

The Gorge PRO-AM is Canceled

Post by Wilton Ha » Sat, 02 May 1992 08:55:57

If you were thinking about taking a vaction so you could come to the Gorge
and watch the PRO-AM, think again.  The PRO-AM which was scheduled from
June 28 to July 8 has been canceled.

The only reason given was that a major sponsor had pulled out due to the
current recession.

The other events will still happen and here is a list of a few and the

    June 22-23    High Wind Classic
    July 8-10     Killer Loop Classic    Aerial competition $10,000 purse.
    July 11-14    Gorge Blowout                  
    July 27-Aug 4 Chinook Gorge Sailing Challenge