Belize - Any windsurfing ?

Belize - Any windsurfing ?

Post by scrut.. » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I have some friends that want to go to Belize to
go sea kayaking. I would like to know if anyone
has any idea about how good the windsurfing is there.

I've seen the sea-kayak brochure so far, and windsurfing is
given a small mention, but there are no photos or information.

If anyone knows anything about wind-speed, local operators
with excellent rental equipment available,
and good (read consistently windy) times of the year to go,
this would be very helpful.

If it's helpful, I am an intermediate slalom board sailer
(can waterstart, in the harness at all times, starting to get
into the front footstrap, can't jibe). For comparison,
I've been to Maui and Aruba before.

Thanks for the info!
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