Long Island event: Vintage Racing, Light Wind demos

Long Island event: Vintage Racing, Light Wind demos

Post by MTVNewsG » Thu, 08 Jun 2000 04:00:00

On Saturday, June 17th, bring your old, OLD gear to Southampton for some
Vintage racing!  Held in accordance with the rules of the Vintage Sailboard
Class Racing Association (essentially any rig you like, modern or old, 7.5 or
smaller, on miserable old longboards and garage gems...for details read the
rules at http://www.boardhead.com/vscra/rules.htm) anyone and everyone is
welcome to join us, even if your gear doesn't meet the rules (you just won't be
counted in the VSCRA results.  For those who care about these things, the Long
Island fleet has been designated Fleet Three of the VSCRA...to join the fleet
you simply join the race in accordance with the rules.  Please contact me

on the beach.

This race is great fun, PARTICULARLY in light wind, PARTICULARLY for folks who
have gear that was excellent ten years ago, PARTICULARLY for less than terrific
sailors (last year we had a few people on Windgliders who had learned to sail
that day join us in the festivities).  If you have never wanted to race, or
wanted to but have been intimidated to try, this is the event for you!  The
races start at the Cold Spring Launch of the Great Peconic Bay at 3PM.  Contact
me or the folks at Windsurfing Hamptons (631-283-9463) for details...for a map
to the shop (1 mile from the event site) go to http://w-surf.com/index_2000.htm
and click on "directions to shop".

   Last year's winner was the mighty Roger Jackson, who tells us he intends to
return to defend his title, and may also put on a lightwind planing demo,
including some of the equipment that he discusses in this newsgroup.  

   Whether you have a relic to sail or not, please come down and join the fun!