Sat Am Oct 28th UK South Coast Report

Sat Am Oct 28th UK South Coast Report

Post by Gavin Bayli » Sun, 29 Oct 2000 22:58:37

Went out early at 08:30, wind onshore with noon high tides (springs), so
beach would be closing out by 11:00, here on the South Coast we have wooden
sea defences every 100mts that go out for about 25m, so launching as the
tide comes up the beach in very strong winds with our infamous shore break
is nigh on impossible. and today we had quite a big swell running with some
good faces, as I write this about an hour after high tide it's dumping big
Wind was around 30mph according to my downloaded data with gusts up to
40mph, chose an Ezzy Wave 2000 4.5 with the RRD MPE 258 and 24cm fin, quite
a few people were out even earlier but they'd put up 5.0's so they were
getting quite overpowered.
Some very nice faces to gybe on, and the wind wasn't quite dead onshore so
you could have some fun on the faces and get quite a bit of air time on the
ramps going out.
Quite a few people turned up just as we were packing up, net result they
couldn't launch, so I think they're sitting in the car park waiting for the
tide to drop. Wind is now dead onshore and averaging 27mph with gusts 37mph,
probably go back out on 5.2 if it stays like this. Should be good for some
good coastal blasting, as we can reach along the coast, sailing down from
Worthing to Littlehampton which is about 10km.

Will report later, for those that want to see the waves, log on to and select the weathercams, we have 12 around the UK that
upload a video clip every hour and the weather data every 30mins. The camera
at Worthing is on my house.

Apologies for earlier today, the ISP we use to upload the data went down, so
things should be back to normal now!!


Gavin B