Kid's Rigs

Kid's Rigs

Post by Scott Johns » Thu, 26 Jul 1990 23:01:28

In response to an earlier discusion on finding
suitable rigs for kids to learn on...

I saw a kid (8 yrs?) using a small rig at the
Indian 'River' the other day. The rig, on closer
inspection, was homemade!

Mast: Used 2"? PVC pipe with larger PVC fitted on for
mast-to-extension adaptor. Extension and foot were
an old (fanatic?) set from an another rig.

Boom: PVC again! 1" this time (I think) and old
fanatic? boom end. The PVC fit well and snug inside the
boom ends and a single pop rivet had been added to secure.

Sail: Cut down and sewed up from old rig. Had a little window
even. But since this is to be a training rig anyway you could
by a little sail cloth and sew something up, right?

The rig looked good and sailed right along!