Loose finbox on a Thommen 295

Loose finbox on a Thommen 295

Post by Ismo Tuonon » Tue, 25 Aug 1998 04:00:00


>I really thought that a F2 board was build to last. I mean, personally i've
>never hit anything with the fin. Is there anyone else who had the same

My friend broke his thommen 295 a month ago, he was using 7.8 vx3 and 44cm
fin.  he didn't hit anything, the box just gave up.

When I took away the old box, I noticed that it was mounted with dry
glassfiber!!  there wasn't enough resin!

And anyhow, it's construction was really weak, from bottom size it was
strong, but from top size it was weak. So it gave up from top.

I'm now putting the old box back, and i think that it'll be strong enough
now to hold on even bigger fins.

>In anyones experience, can this be fixed without too much hassle? And will I
>be able to tell by sailing it afterwards?

change it to tutle box, if possible. it's normally stronger
(easier to make it stronger) than powerbox.