AdaRac: Adapters for Yakima Crossbars

AdaRac: Adapters for Yakima Crossbars

Post by (PeteCresswell » Sat, 16 Mar 2013 05:23:54

Just installed an Adarac rack system on my pickup's bed (viz:

Easy install, nice and solid, gives me the adjustability I want, can
co-exist with a folding bed cover like BakFlip.

But the crossbars leave something to be desired.

... and I've got a pile of Yakima accessories....

The round Yak crossbars are within a millimeter of just sliding inside
the AdaRac square bars.

Seems like it's just begging for a slotted square insert whose wall
thickness is about a half-mil less than the AdaRac crossbar.

Has anybody found something like this?
Pete Cresswell