Baja '99

Baja '99

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I will be putting together this trip over the next couple of weeks, I have
also been asked by Solosports if I would like the inclusion of a weeks with
Leon Ballanger as a guest instructor.
The week will include instuction from Leon and one other Pro. along with the
importer of all the goodies being used to demo for this week, and I have it
on good authoroty that at the end of the week there are alot of cool freebie
to be had, the cost is an extra $200.
I havent yet confirmed the actual week, but if the interest is there it will
be one of the 3 weeks in May.
If you are interested please reply direct to myself with your E-mail address
or contact details so I can send you the full information.

This is a non store profit holiday you are available to book with us for any
of the 3 weeks or direct with Solo sports.



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