Equipment news

Equipment news

Post by Outta my way - I'm going windsurfin » Sun, 22 Jul 1990 17:37:59

I picked up the latest copies of Windrider, West Coast Boardsailor, and
Northwest Boardsailor today.

There seems to be a lot of interesting things going on with sails today.
It looks like Bruce Peterson has quit Rushwind/Gaastra, and Sailworks is
his new company.  There's a full page ad in Windrider which says, "If it
doesn't say Sailworks, it's not the latest from Bruce Peterson." I wonder
if they just make one sail, a slalom race sail.

There's also an ad for the Neil Pryde World Cup Slalom sail (as opposed to
World Cup Racing).  They say that acceleration is no longer important
in slalom if you know how to do a lay-down jibe, and top speed is most
important, so they have a shorter boom, higher aspect ratio, and a flatter

While I was in the store I looked at some North masts.  The new ones have
seams!  Oh well, I guess I might as well go with carbon-fiber, as there
are no longer any semi-bulletproof masts for race sails.

They had Excel Carbon masts for $174.  Anyone know if these are any good,
and if this is a good price?