Land Sailing in New Zealand

Land Sailing in New Zealand

Post by DanMah » Fri, 14 Oct 1994 13:38:02

Thanks for the responses on Skate Sailing, Land Boarding whatever...

I'm Posting this one from Simon in NZ which had trouble posting to
rec.windsurfing.  It's a great


Skating on concrete, yikes !

Here in New Zealand we are blessed with lots and lots of uncrowded beaches
(I read  somewhere that our coastline is about the same as the US, a
that I'm not sure that I believe) and that's where we do most of our
skate sailing, land surfing, anyone worked out what this sport is called

The great thing about it is we get a lot of 10 knot directly onshore days,
not good enough for windsurfing but heaps of fun on a land board.

We have had lots of fun chasing sea gulls, chop hopping sandcastles, and
freaking out drunk kids at midnight.

The thing to watch for is backwinding, you will get that jibing too
and especially if you pass an obstruction to the wind, you will suddenly
get 15+ knots from the opposite direction --> major fall.  

On the plus side most transitions / tricks are much easier, especially
gybing and 360's.


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