Aruba Time Share rental - Cheap

Aruba Time Share rental - Cheap

Post by Hugh Lam » Sun, 26 Mar 1995 09:07:10

I have a timeshare at Playa Linda for the first two weeks in June at
Playa Linda. This is the best place on the island. The unit is a large
studio with kitchen, bedroom and seperate livingroom with sleep sofa and
balcony overlooking to pool and ocean. It is a very short walt to Vela
and fishermans huts. The weeks are the Hi-Winds race weeks. Let me know
if you are interested.

If you are going on other weeks and want to rent a deluxe house on the
ocean let me know It is bigger bucks but has 4 bedrooms, livingroom,
dining room, library, big backyard airconditioning and everything else
you could want. I will only rent to very responsible people so if you're
a thoughtless slob stay at a hotel.

Maid service and board rentals can be arranged.

I'll be in Aruba twice in April. Let me know if you want me to check
something out for you.

Have fun and sail fast!